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the imposters of pretended patriotism. ben frankly warned us about sacrifice. i don't know if i read that in your book? >> those that would sacrifice freedom deserve none or something to that effect. >> yeah, for security. >> right. >> neither. and it's, you know, i just did an article today on they discovered, it was a very good article, i thought, in "the new york times" that the voluntary leaks of the government on august 2nd about the conversation between al-qaeda and the head of yemen was actually did more harm to national security than all of the pape ors -- you all saw that -- released by snowden, for example. but it's, again, an example of the cynical use of national security. that if the government does it, it's legitimate. and the fact is that most of the classified information shouldn't be classified, but it's routinely leaked as was the story about the success of that electronic surveillance because hay wanted to -- they wanted to show that what nsa does is necessary. so it was actually shut down, the communication. you know, the government, if they leak, it's legitimate.
-- and this is my initiative and if you don't do the right thing you don't look like what know what you're doing and that isn't cool and you didn't do your job that well, if we get in these ambassador programs and give them training and rigor and how difficult that moment can be you can transform a school because of the power of kids talking to each other. >> all right. do we have another question? >> i appreciate that point you have been making. been, wooing with the board and the foundation and launch the student advisory board and i think we need to get that training kicked in really fast and that's a point well taken, and i appreciate lee you showing that clip because it illustrates an important distinction that we need to make. we don't want to send the message to america that bullying is normative; that bullying is normal, and that clip illustrated that the school is sending that message, and there is a difference, an important distinction between the school sort of embodying and sending the message to the kids that bullying is just a part of growing up and believing that bullying in ou
that prosecutors can to this discussion is first of all the reason people become prosecutors generally they don't like it when other people are taken advantage of. it really offends the very core for a prosecutor. you know i often joke i don't even like when people cut in line but i recognize there is not necessarily a remedy to that, but so bullying is something that almost everybody has had an experience in their life of being bullied, and i think one perspective as prosecutors is if we don't address this today's bullies -- and if we don't address it are tomorrow's batters, and today's victims of bullying becomes tomorrow's victims. that is painting with a very broad brush, but it's something that encourages us to take action. i think in my prosecutors office there is hard and soft power. the hard power in a prosecutor's office, in a police department, it's arresting. it's putting in jail. it's going in court and find this person guilty and punish them. that's a kind of hard power and most of what is done in a prosecutor's office -- most of the resources are devoted to those hard power t
coast to coast. >> weather fine here i don't know what's going on over there so we are here nice and early and hope to get out. >> headed to the airport take the travel tip with you. check the airline web site to see if they allow flight changes for free. seen up for the app for the latest on any delay. by thursday the storm will be gon gone. but strong winds hyped it could spoil an 87 year tradition. those giant balloo balloons macy thanksgiving day parade could be grounded. tonight 15 states have winter weather advisory here in the nation capitol we won't see any snow but it is beginning to feel like christmas. white house tremendous areeves on friday. >> now if flying delta u.s. airways united and jet blue will waive any change fee for people who pet stuck for the flight get cancelled. it's it's likely that more air lens will do the same as this storm hits. >> in december san francisco international airport will bring in train dog like toby to help passengers who are feeling a little stressed. the dog will be deployed at all term national thanks to the spca and animal
to the fact that people cannot get information. >> i don't believe that his for a minute. let me defend a journalism. i know the good old days were so good. with the reversal of glass-steagall or also was cited by a clinton futures that was the derivatives market they all happened in the ladies the media did not cover it in any way "the new york times" or the "l.a. times" the "washington post" was a church leaders of the regulation was lousy war after another the basically collapsed upon i of the guinier times "l.a. times" are "washington post" where reporting on weapons of mass destruction and see you could court -- clarify the old days of journalism had mccarthyism, segregation, we had lots of problems. it is true that old model of journalism that had some valuable thing is in its sending reporters around the world to cover the dues to pay a journalist is not something i appreciate we have laws that model the region have positive things in their place and as long as the internet is not shut down one reason i am concerned about privacy is i want people to trust online communication or
identified six victims but four remain. >> where are the bodies? >> what bodies? i don't know anything bit. >> in his words, girl near heelsburg. girl on mount tam. girl from miami. girl from berkeley. >> who are those women? >> you tell me. >> i don't know. you know. >> you're still playing games. >> nochlt ask the prosecution. i judge. i don't know. >> nayso says he's saving the true meaning for aprily. he won't explain why he didn't use the information if it would have helped the case. >> that is my family picture. >> i pressed him on this bizarre photo that he took of mannequins. he applied make up and dressed in lingerie. >> you've got ten. does that correspond to your list of ten? >> no. no. it doesn't. >> sit for the women you killed? >> no. no. >> he kept pictures and momentos in a safe deposit box 1 woman, apparently dead at the friem her waist down. her husband identified her by under wear she wore. >> he's wrong. >> who's photograph was sna >> a lady from the waist down you kept in your safe deposit box. have you no idea who it was? >> no. >> did you take it? >> i don't remembe
of this country. right now h i don't they had ths doing that. dean young is promising to change washington with confran confrontation. i can tell you right now 245 tht barack obama don' don't doesn'to go to washington because we don't have a lot in common. >> we are sending far too much money to other countries who do not hon or our princ honor our e are sending too much money to eguesstimate and pakistan. it's one of the things the tea party and the organizations that have been supporting it have been effective in doing it has been threatening and saying, look if you don't tow the line in your city member house we'll go find someone to run against you. >> this is where the battle lines have been drawn. the established candidate has the money and the tea party challenger has grassroots support from the likes of oglsbey. >> we have to keep on keeping on we have remained sigh len sigh o long. >> the mayor of the financialfullfinanciallystrappes decided not to run for a second determine. they will be voting on either duggan and he is widely expected to win. whoever winds will be takingoffice
>>> hello again, i'm jessica kartalija. >> i'm don scott. >>> roars winds an -- roar i go winds and an arctic blast. the conditions are whipping flags all over the area. as wjz found this morning, parkas, heavy coats, gloves and hats are in full effect. in western maryland there is snow. this is a shot of route 68 outside of garrett county. the roads are clear and plenty of white on the grass. outside in our area it's gray, windy and chilly out there. we are not seeing any significant precipitation of any kind. wjz is live with first warning coverage. marty is in druid park with the mobile weather lab. chelsea ingram is updating the temperatures. >> good afternoon, jess. good afternoon, everybody. let me direct you to state radar. this is back a couple of hours. we have moisture over us but not much falling at this time. we did see a couple of snowflakes and more in western maryland. current temperatures now -- keep in mind we reached the high after midnight at 52 at the airport. now dropping to 38 degrees. that is where we are sitting now. colder in western maryland, 25 in oakl
>> the one over here. only got one working. >> you don't even need to get past the front gate to get an earful of elevator issues. >> go up to the next floor. then i have to push it all the way back down to the first floor. so i could even get out. i was stuck in there. i said lord, please let me get out so i could get to church on time. >> reporter: from slow moving elevators to ones that skip floor. residents tell me, there's always one on the fritz. today it's this one. >> these elevators are breaking down constantly. constantly. it's not one thing, it's another. >> reporter: alexandria complained about the problem for months, and says back in september, both elevators break in one building. leaving elderly, and disabled adults like her stranded in their own buildings. residents just know, going up and down is going from bad to worse. >> we need new elevators in there. every time i say please don't get stuck. >> reporter: they tell me rei placing all the outdated elevators would eat up almost all of their budget of $9 million. so instead, they have prioritized maintenance a
entire neighborhoods to rubble. >> the devastation -- i don't have the words for it. it's really horrific. >> 150-mile per hour winds ripped through homes and snapped this tree like a twig. the storm surge reportedly up to 40 feet high in some places sent floodwaters into the streets. this woman says she is searching for her mother, father, and her child who was ripped from her hand. cleanup and rescue efforts are difficult because there is no power or phones in most places. people are sorting through what is left of their homes during the day then huddling together at night in the structures that are still standing. this image from space shows just how massive typhoon is, one of the most powerful storms ever recorded. if he'd in vietnam then it's forecast to head to china. on saturday a half-million vietnamese people in high risk areas will move to higher ground. they're hoping to avoid the direct hit that was seen in the philippines. wjz eyewitness news. >> and a mass burial is scheduled for later today. tim williams shows us just how powerful the storm is and how it formed later. >>> t
over, just fyi. superintendent. >> don't start the clock yet. thanks. again i want to thank everyone for being here this morning and this morning i said "welcome to a sunny day in september" and many of you didn't believe me and i want to thank you all for being here and in my comments at the beginning i spoke of the wonderful experience and having 3,000 opportunities yesterday see "bully" the movie. i spoke of all of the administrators seeing "bully" when they came back from summer break and develop their plans on their campuses here, so i would like to go deeper and talk about a couple of things and before that i appreciate what rosylyn and the previous panel said about the term "bullying" and run the risk of it meaning something generic and meaningless and the word of the day, so let's talk about what it is. it's assault. sometimes it's aggravated assault. it's kidnapping. it's coercion of human rights. it's stalking. these are different pictures when you think about it in those terms. that's what bullying is so in san francisco unified we say we have a zero tolerance fo
before coming. >> they don't have to. >> reporter: his first campaign and hard fought republican primary ended in victory with support from tea party members. the charge he faces today is a misdemeanor with a maximum sentence of six months in prison. his florida neighbors responded to word of his arrest. >> i think it's going to be a new career for him. there's no way to recover from that. >> reporter: he got the sentence first offenders in these cases usually get probation with the charges later dismissed if there are no more violations. as for what happens next, the house speaker john boehner says that's up to the congressman, his family and his constituents. >> pete williams outside the courthouse this morning. >>> we move on to the war in afghanistan and an agreement that might keep the u.s. there for another decade or longer. richard engel broke this story and joins us from kabul. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. thousands of afghan officials are starting to gather here in kabul to vote starting tomorrow on a joint u.s.-afghan security agreement that if pass
. he took this video. >> why don't you get in my face like before. >> reporter: police made no arrests. uber refunded his $14 fare but he says the company is not taking responsibility for the driver's behavior. uber says that authorities responded to the incident determined no action was necessary. but we suspended the account of the involved parties until further notice. >> i was bothered by the word "temporarily" because of what happened. not just because i suspect it had been shared with someone else but because of what transfired. >> reporter: uber says that the driver works for an approved provider. right now they are in a legal limbo when it comes to liability. >> but to the extend that companies hold themselves out to the public as vetting drivers and providing security it seems that the courts will impose some level of liability. >> reporter: james does not plan to use uber again and cautions riders to expect the ride you are expecting is the one you take. >> i think if my sister was in that car what would happen to her and that scares me. >> reporter: the san francisco police
was struck and killed. just last night, a 50-year-old woman was killed crossing at san jose avenue. >> we don't have one factor we can attribute this to. what we can say is at least two of the three we have had over the weekend was caused by improper crossing the street. >> in order, two of the three victims were jaywalking. we saw several instances of jaywalking earlier this year. people darting through traffic, even pushing a stroller. all in a place where the city has improved crosswalks. one confessed jaywalker told us why he does it. >> i'm a grown man. i know how to cross the street. if it's clear, i'll go. i am impatient. i don't want to wait for a light. >> reporter: by all accounts, elisha, his 6-year-old sister and the two teenage who were talking with them -- teenagers who were hit were at the crosswalk. >> a memorial fund has been set up at wells fargo bank for elisha. we will post that on our website at >>> california was on track to have the first high speed rail line in the nation, but it's been far from a smooth ride for the bullet train. now as kpix 5's john ra
-tim full-time. >> we identified as agender which is not i don't have a gender. >>reporter: despite what happened on the bus that day, fleishman will return to riding bus was friend. will continue to wear skirts. >> i'm going to keep wearing the skirts. that's that i'm not going to give up. it's a big part of who i am. >>reporter: this is abc 7 news in oakland. >> there was a wild crime spree this morning in east san jose. police shot and killed a sta stabbing suspect after they say he tried to ram an officer with stolen car. crime spree started at home on loose avenue where he stabbed several people and car jacked a van. van then got on the freeway going in the wrong direction. it was chased into a cul-de-sac off may berry road then the driver tried to run them down. that's when officers shot him. >> there were gunshot you could tell. they were gunshot. >> any return fire by the police. >> we don't know. we don't know. just like 5, 6 time in a row. that's it. >>reporter: police department spokesperson says an officer shot the suspect at least once killing him. he's not bee
you don't become a crime victim during this holiday shopping season. nbc bay area news. >>> speaking of something for shoppers to think about tonight, new statistics show crime in san francisco is at its highest rate in five years. most of them were property crimes. police say in part because of smartphones. not only are the phones frequently stolen, but phones distract people making them targets. property crimes jumped 33% so far this year compared to last year. police suggest keeping your cell phone in your pocket or purse while you're out. don't walk and talk. stop so you can focus on what's happening around you. we have some more tips. don't buy more than you can easily carry. don't take out your credit card or checkbook until you're ready to use them. have your keys in your hand when you get to your car. >>> a growing number of walmart employees say they just can't survive on the wages the world's largest retailer is paying them. many of the stores employees are protesting. what's up? >> reporter: you can see that protest is still going strong right here. that street actually ju
's about pe equality and reproductive freedom. if you allow employers to refuse to cover things they don'tlike, that would open the door to almost anything. diana of colorado says four profit corporations don't have religious rights. the law exempts religious groups and organizations from the same requirements, but businesses are different. >> these are for profit organizations. they should have to give health insurance for health employee's health care concerns not the employer's judgment. >> they're going to provide birth control pills but those those contraceptives like the morning after pill. all this comes as many americans are feeling forced into this law. now religious employers say the law is forcing them to violate their deeply held believes. jeff and norah. >> thank you. >>> police in moscow say a road found homemade bombs and other weapons inside the apartment. officers i did taned more than a dozen members of the illegal islamist organization. the winter olympics in sochi starts in three months. the people belong to a militant group that was banned months ago. >>> house price
program, that there have been secret why facilities. that's why we don't take anythig at face value. >> reporter: this deal is a a confidence building measure.uilding it buys time to broker a more complete agreement that addresses things like destroyingtroying all of iran's nuclear fuel and and giving access to all facilities. basically the hard part is just beginning. >> margaret, thank you.u. house republican leader eric sponsible cantor the man for bringing additional sanctions in the the e. house calls this a mistake. he's in richmond virginia. we have a conversation you'll see only on "cbs this morning." good morning. >> charlie, good morning. >> you heard the secretary of state say this is good because it expands the time iran has the have capaci capacity to make a nuclear weapon.e there's more inspection and some enrichment is to 20% will have to be changed.o why isn't that a good deal to why freeze things and delay? charli >> charlie, i think this deal im with iran is in fact dangerous. it is a deal which brings iran closer to becoming a nuclear nego power.
of these hubs start cancelling flights -- don't forget that new york gets 1 out of 10 flights every day -- when they start canceling, there's that cascading effect. that ripple effect that goes to the entire country. if you're flying to seattle or los angeles, you could be delayed, too. it is a big problem. u.s. air and delta, offering waivers to passengers, meaning they can rebook their flights. the problem, george, that doesn't mean they get home for thanksgiving. >> so, david, if you're heading to the airport today, what do you do? >> reporter: a couple things. do not check a bag if you want to get on a plane. and a couple of things. go on the website, check the airline. sign up for their apps. and if something goes wrong, tweet. george and robin, i'll tweet you. i'm getting on a plane and i'll let you know how it's going at 0,000 feet. >> okay, david, thanks very much. >>> let's go to josh and the other top stories. >> we're going to begin with new concerns about the future of u.s. troops in afghanistan. we learned that a deal that would keep american forces in afghanistan possibly through
described to be in their 20s, they don't know the relationship at this time, whether it's family members or husband and wife. now, i've got a chance to talk to the lieutenant on the scene. here is what he had to say about the shooting. >> he said it was random and unusual for somebody to get shot on their front porch randomly. >> well let's say this. i mean it's very early in the morning, it's 4:00, these individuals obviously are celebrating thanksgiving a little early. they are out on their porch. based on the information that i have, it doesn't appear that the victims and the suspects knew each other. >> at this point there's not a lot of description on the suspects. they believe one person took off by car, another on foot. and that's the very latest, on the scene and i'll have updates throughout the morning. for now reporting from san jose, will tran, kron4 news. >>> san jose state university taking some heat for the way its been dealing with the alleged forment of a black student earlier this month, but an in depth study shows students of color have actually dealt with similar incid
. to think they all made it alive. >> you don't hear any swearing on the tape. >> which is shocking. >> one guy says when asked what happened, he said i literally got hit by a moving plane. >> i think that's why we do have a happy ending and survivors able to tell the tale this morning. >> we'll be talking to them later in the show. let us begin on a tuesday morning breaking news in new jersey. a late night shooting in a popular mall that led to a chaotic scene ron, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, matt. yes, it's been an absolutely terrifying night out here. there were thousands of people in the mall behind me when a gunman opened fire. at 3:20 in the morning, police found the body of a gunman in a difficult part of the mall to reach. he had a self-inflicted gun shot wound in his head. >> new jersey's garden state mall is a suburban shopper's paradise, more than 300 stores, household names. 300 stores, household names. last night hundreds of police responded to the nightmarish 911 report of a gunman stalking the mall and opening fire. >> we heard shots and we thought
new level. >> what will we do to top that off? >> don't even ask. >>> also ahead this morning, the olympic torch has traveled to a place where it's never been before. we are talking space. back on the ground, will sochi be ready in just 91 days? there are concerns from terrorism to the weather. the president of the organizing committee is here with a progress report. we will talk to him. >>> we want to get to the today's top story, twitter, the site has changed the world, but should you stop tweeting long enough to buy? carl is live in our room. good morning to you. >> reporter: from wall street, twitter is going public. they priced at $26 a share. with all those problems facebook went through when they went public last year, can the company with that little blue bird make some green? hashtag ipo, today's opening bell kicks off one of wall street's most anticipated days of the year. social media giant twitter goes public. >> the twitter ipo is a central moment in their history. it's such a significant platform for so many people around the world. >> reporter: with 230 million
. >> i don't think people understand what happens to a family. they talk about what happens to troops but that is good people understand. that but they don't know how this did he have states families. >> for one man, the procession reminded him of the need to take care of the newest crop of vets. >> people went into armed forces because they couldn't get jobs now they're coming out we're going to have an interesting situation. >> this is the 95th year for the parade there are crowds lining market street. people have noticed crowds are thinner than usual this vietnam vet notice aid small turn out. so did another vietnam vet. >> there is a lot of people getting old yefr older. a lot of people are disgusted with the government and don't think about coming to this. >> whether that is the case spectators got to enjoy bands and even a scottish bag pipe unit. >> one last note about veteran's day. starting commemorating peace after world war i at 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. >> well, continuing the philippines disaster you'll want to help. bef
agreement. they say a deal is a deal. >> i don't see how it is an honest mistake. you signed it. we signed it. >> bart riders are frustrated. >> i don't want another strike. >> tom hawk is out and a new chief negotiator will be named soon. lillian kim, abc news. >> that is what is going wrong and let's talk about what is going right. batkid captured our hearts and the city. the city was transformed to gothem city 20* help -- to help miles scott's dream come true. he was presented the key to the city. sergio, what a day. >> what a day indeed. tonight san francisco city hall is lit up in batkid's colors and while it was a wish come true for the 5-year-old it was a spectacular day for thousands of people to watch. as batkid emerged from batman's smoky base of operations in a lamborghini bat mobile it was the beginning of a day long adventure. one much of the city cheered on and is still cheering. >> in san francisco we don't have a lot of kids. i think there are a lot of us that are like, yes, we can do something fun for our kids. >> bat ky d helped batman disarm a mysterious device and free
into something like this. they don't want to bump into them. they don't want to get involved. >> that concern shared by hikers. don is part of the indian tripe. they are been overrun by pat growers. they're afraid to go in the forest alone. >> they're armed. >> it has an impact, folks not being able to do what we're accustomed to doing. >> reporter: he says fear is also keeping tribe members inside. and unable to participate in practices, like burial rights and basket weaving. why are the areas so appealing to growers now. >> they're not traversed very often. they have a little bit of cover from not being seen. it's purely from roads or other houses. >> appealing because of the density that public land offers in california. at the same time, areas that so many cherish. >> it just doesn't affect our county or our state. it affects the entire country. >> reporter: more than 12,000 were found on national land in california. that's an estimation, followed by tennessee and oregon. to put that into perspective. both states had plants. law enforcement says if you're hiking and you see a water line l
in the bay area. you don't do that without having some impact on traffic. >> and they forecast the region willed a another 2 to 300,000 jobs in the next two years, which in addition to increased traffic poses another problem. try convincing someone from say north dakota to move here. >> this is a serious problem. employers here are very concerned about it and what it means for their ability to track the best talent in the region >> for those of us already here, it can be struggle to get anywhere. >> and it is so frustrating. it becomes the wild west out there. people can't get through. >> reporter: in the next couple weeks we are likely to get more evidence of the gridlock. the metropolitan transportation commission is crunching its own numbers looking at key commute corridors. it will be interesting to see what they have to say. ann notarangelo kpix 5. >> kind of a good news/bad news deal. in our survey usa poll we found 71% of people commute to work. an additional 21% commute and work from home. 80% drive their own vehicles. 52% say they like the flexibility and the free dome. more deta
? >> it was good. >> i don't know why american canceled all those flights. they canceled at 9:00 in the morning. and there wasn't a flake of snow or anything to be seen. so we're pretty upset with american, that's to be sure. >> we have work to be at. and we're out $400 that we didn't expect. and american's not even helping. so it's very disappointing. >> reporter: right now the weather impacts are being felt in arizona new mexico and parts of the great plains, many people it coping with treacherous ice covered roads and bridges. now in the days ahead, more than 40 million americans are expected to hit the roads and millions of others to fly the skies. they can expect dangerous ice sleet snow and rain to be their travel companion. so far american has the most cancellations. expect delays. >> thanks very much to you. and that's going to affect people across the country. i want to bring in chad myers. you just heard nick say tomorrow may be okay for some. but then things could get worse again. where is the storm going? those images we just saw out of oklahoma, that suv spinning several times, whe
. god news from first warning weather coming up shortly. don, take it away. >> thank you. >>> any hassles on what is a very cold hurry up? here is sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> good morning, everyone. well, the cold temperatures so e only thing you have to deal with as far as traveling goes. 55 is still your average on the beltway. 56 and 55 on 95 southbound. that's a look at 95 southbound at aberdeen. there's a look at 27 south of the beltway also problem free at the moment. now wjz has the stories people are talking about this morning. here's don >> thank you. >>> city police raid a number of east baltimore homes targeting people thought to be linked to a notorious gang. rochelle richie has the story. >> it's 4:00 a.m. and wjz is there as dozens of baltimore city police officers and the baltimore county swat team gear up and load up to break down the doors of unsuspecting bgf gang members and those working for them. >> police. search warrant. >> all of thee search warrants are carried out at the same time. >> wjz rides along as search warrants are carried out on 11
't know what to do and they did nothing. i don't begrudge thipl for that, they are wonderful kids, but they didn't have the tools to do anything about it. so we work on those issues and we work on those and our local school district was remarkable in their reaction. but in the work that we have done, ruslyn and i across the country, we have seen too many school districts, quite frankly, that have been slow to respond. and that is why we have to come together like this. that is why we have to get out of our lane and understand that we've got to make house calls. we've got to move beyond the traditional paradigm that i've a federal prosecutor, i wait for the phone to ring and i respond. that's not how melinda has responded, that's not how eric holder approach their job, that's certainly not how this superintendent is approaching his job and that's not how any of us can afford to approach their jobs. i don't want to prosecute any more hate crimes cases. i want to be, for those of you over 50, remember that maytag commercial, the guy is sitting there waiting for that phone to rin
were saying he sounded a little pitchy. >> >> don't give away my secrets. >> who's pitchy now? simon >> that takes guts to sing with john bon jovi and taylor swift.. well done. >> and queen elizabeth >> and queen elizabeth was on the side playing drums. the >> we'll tell you about that >> that a little later on. of course, the later. story today has to >>> the top story has to do wit this man here and the weather. e talking about we're talking about a powerful of p storm impacting millions of eo day. >> if there's any good people on this travel day. >> if there's any good news it's starting to move a little a li faster and feel its faster. we'll feel its effects for less time.le less time. here's a let's show you this video that'd out of north carolina, atlantico carolina beach, north carolina just , kn knock, outside of morehead city. just d roofs torn off of a condominium trees uprooted. a lot of d a lot of damage and a lot of am floo flooding.di let's look at the let's look at the radar, we'll we'll show you just w show you what was going on. you can see the heavy you can thund
her family. why take the train as opposed to drive? >> i don't have a car and it's easier and i know everyone driving is leaving later and it's cheaper and less carbon footprint. >> reporter: back to a live picture here in emeryville, amtrak is adding 700 seats on the capitol corridor route between san jose, oakland and sacramento. another 600 seats on the san joaquin valley line service. amtrak says this thanksgiving week is the busiest time of the year for it nationwide on its rails. allen, they are expecting another peak day on sunday as soon as this holiday season is over. no surprise there. but. >> no. >> be ready for it. >> all right. thanks, mark. >>> chief meteorologist paul deanno in the weather center. paul, you have some good news back east. the worst is over there? >> it's been a drenching rainfall lots of snowfall away from the atlantic ocean. but things are beginning to wind down. i know most folks have gotten from point a to point b but the rain is racing up the eastern seaboard. the actual low is off the carolina coastline. we see snow for rochester, new york down to
was eighty three. september this year more than one hundred seventieth and baby had been accepted. don't go away because of that money matters what type of corruption the music industry they can. there are two types of popular variety show in china. there are those for dating and or those for singing. exporting love and gone to the table with the korean reality tv time they're politically difficult a well planned a different reality that the percentage and the right deal. the king khan to have extremely popular and very profitable for you to show the navy capt life. and it was a possibility. for more than ten times. major chinese nation. look it up to one or the board to china to avoid anti idol. china's market for song with already huge before the show. it's very common for people in canada go to ktv which are karaoke room for birthday meeting the other party. i've been content to show that left people become iraq overnight happily greet people that he and peter green. the show's hard to top off the pace the map links. the show can be a celebrity overnight the building three hours lovely c
at 39. a lot of 40s. i don't expect these to get too much colder. its already very mild san francisco. i've seen an easterly breeze out around the sunset district. also around san francisco state. as long as that holds we will go 72 for a high today. big change for a weekend will be a system sweeping through. it won't give us much expect for a wind event. today cold lows inland. fog near the coast. i don't think it will do much. that means 70s for anybody. >> steve, good morning. we are starting off the morning well expect for that problem we told you about. but first let's take a look at the other commutes. the bay bridge that looks good if you are trying to get into san francisco it is not a bad commute coming into the city. in the south bay for the most part we are doing well as you drive on 280. you can see traffic is looking good. i want to put up on the maps 680 northbound has a quite a development forming. janine de la vega is live at the scene of this breaking news where one person was killed and other people were injured. janine. >> reporter: yes, sal, i'm right here in the nort
. >> generally people prefer not to pay more for something if you don't have to. >> in the case of the golden gate bridge it appears they will. executives now have 5 options which could raise toll to as much as 8 dollars within 5 years. >> sundz like a lot. >> why do they need to raise i it. they said when they raised it to 6 dollars that was going to be it. >> good question. district manager knew it would be comin coming. >> things cost more today than they did 6 years ago. we spend about half of our toll to fund transit. bus operation. that takes one and a half lanes of traffic off the bridge during rush hour. takes thousands of cars off the street every day and helps with mobility. >>reporter: or in 6 words capitol reserve doyle drive transit and infrastructure. from repainting towers to fi fixing access to the ferry boa boat. and parking at larkspur landing is an issue too. >> would i actually be willing to pay a little bit for parkin parking. >> 5 dollars a day. 8 dollars a day. >>reporter: how far have we come? did you know that when the brim open entered 1937 a toll ticket c
because they don't know what i'm talking about. that's why i contacted you because i was surprised that want police didn't have anything to go with. that the police didn't have anything to go -- that the police didn't have anything to go with. >> reporter: it's unclear how badly hurt the victim was. no one from the police department was available to talk about what happened today. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> developing news in the philippines where rescue workers are struggling to reach devastated towns by powerful typhoon haiyan. there is no confirmed death toll but estimates are that the storm has killed 10,000 people. many who did survive don't have clean water, food or medicine. among the hardest hit areas the neighborhoods have been completely flattened. >> scores of people have now converged at the airport hoping for a flight out. >> reporter: the view from the airshows the devastation. this city took a lashing from typhoon haiyan. thousands are believed to have perished. the storm had a tornadolike force and some say the storm surge was 13 feet high easily wiping
you are not suppose to have your bike in the crosswalk. >> i don't follow. >> you don't follow. >> you don't follow the rules you mean. >>> the next edition of people behaving badly. >>reporter: we are dropping in the 40s. it will be chilly tonight but a pretdty pretdty -- pretty nice weekend in store. i'll have changing coming next i'll have changing coming next week at 8:45 i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >>> well that deadly typhoon is moving on but it has left a trail of destruction in the philippines. on the phone tonight is christy. can you hear us? >> yes. it's been sweeping through. i
for two hours in a movie theater. i'm not saying i don't like the news story but don't like gravity, erica. >>> that's probably the one hundredth time i have heard that and the sandra bullock going around. and as we take a live look from the roof camera, the sun trying to come out. you can see it is brighter out there as you head out the door this morning. a lot of folks have the day off for veteran's day. temperatures really not too bad. in the upper 40s, low 50s. san francisco very mild at 54 degrees. but take a look at your visibility chart, down to zero miles for napa and six miles of visibility in oakland. right now we are seeing 8 miles of visibility around sfo and tracking some flight delays averaging one hour on arriving flights. higher clouds and sunshine and it looks like temperatures just a touch cooler than what we experienced yesterday. to break town the numbers. 66 for pato alto and fremont 66 and low 70s for the alden valley in the east bay, low 70s in walnut creek and danville, 66 is the high in castro valley. we will have temperatures in the low 60s for san bruno and downt
. >>> we just dons have the don't have the resources to pay for 6 weeks. >> bart back at the table but is the third time a charm? >> charm? >>> two men accused of killing an oakland 8-year-old face the judge. . >> the two men accused in a deadly shooting of an 8-year- old have pled not guilty. carol is his accomplice. they were out for revenge targeting an apartment where they thought they would find a man responsible for an earlier murder. the hearing is set for january. still to come the latest in the bart contract saga. could bart workers go back out on the picket line? >>> a cute kid and sleeping buddy. >>> inside edition tonight with debra norville. a woman lefting lifting weights while pregnant gave birth. . >> a storm is brewing at bart. bart board members are poised to vote down the contract thursday. kron4's dan kerman spoke with both sides. >> reporter: ending a second strike they thought the chaos was over for 4 years. now it may not be the case. >> i have to do what is responsible for the riders and that is rejecting this contract. >> reporter: he will vote against the
this historic shiite-sunni split with iran and don't trust them and threatening to go nuclear themselves, the saudis have, if iran does proceed with its nuclear program, the nuclear program that iran says is peaceful but the saudis and israelis say it is not. it's not only israel, but israel is, of kourcourse, the most powl ally and the strongest political power here in united states there are many, many democrats and republicans, key senate leaders in both parties who are very strongly against this. they are going to be creating quite a fuss. the american people signaled in all of the polling on the syria potential of attack back on labor day that the american public does not want military action. without military action to stop iran's litical allies will remain in power. lester? >> richard engel in afghanistan this morning. thanks. >>> want to turn to the weather system that is pummeling people across the country. janel klein is in ft. worth, texas, this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. the roads in texas and throughout much of the west are dangerous blamed for
for a situation many people couldn't imagine. >> i'm not a hero. i don't want to say, i don't wear a batman suit or superman. or these, you know, these characters i just reacted the way i did. >> the man who tried to catch a woman who jumped from the third deck after yesterday's raider game told abc7 news he'd do it again. >> i braced myself to catch her. i was hoping i could, when i caught her, i could lock arms around her to absorb impact with me. but unfortunately, she hit and she bounced off. >> the 61-year-old ended up with severe bruising but no serious injuries when the young woman he tried to catch landed knees first into his arms. sending both of them to the pavement. >> he said what ran to his mind is don't let people see this. try to save her and stop it. >> just 15 minutes after the raider game a vietnam war veteran they were walking outside they sought woman, 45 feet above. she crawled out on to a ledge. >> the training you receive in the marine corps is, it's you don't react. you just do it. >> raiders set a contingent that included willie brown to pay navidad a visit and bring him
will go to those negotiations with the strongest hands that he has ever had and i don't think they want that to happen either. but at times they can be ambiguous as to what their ambitions are. >> i mean, it is being criticized from all corridors, saying that it's very reversible and it's really nothing that is new. >> they walked away from the real deal. and that is not what we have here. actually the program is protected in place. that is what you need to develop a nuclear weapon. and that is why there is so much opposition fear even in our own government and the congress of the united states and the democrat and republican side pushing back on it. because this doesn't make sense. we have to go through the real deal. >> absolutely. and that is what gets their attention and would bring them to help make what is the real deal that we discussed similar to what reagan dead with nuclear forces in europe. and he would get a deal and he eventually got it and he increased the weight and might be able to make that kind of deal and we should seize that option. ashely: it seems to mean the. >> t
don't want that i do. >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." norah is off. margaret brennan is with us. >> so good to be here. >> the man charged with killing a tsa officer at l.a.x. paul you ciancia claims he acted alone. >> the procedures at the third largest airport inside terminal three at l.a.x. ben, good morning. >> reporter: margaret and charlie good morning. all nine terminals are back open this morning including terminal three where the shooting occurred. we're learning more about the shooter's motives and security here at l.a.x. >> tsa agents are wearing black bands in memory of hernandez, the first tsa employee killed in the line of duty flowers are placed yards from where the shooting took place. >> he had his gun trained down like this. he took two shots. >> reporter: scott greene was in the security line when paul ciancia started shooting at tsa agents. passengers ran out of the terminal as the shooter made his way toward the gate area. >> it didn't make sense to me. that guy had a gun. no one was there to stop him. police were outside. >> l.a.x. police
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